Where My Moms At? Is a podcast hosted by Comedian Christina P. It’s a formatted comedy show with segments and sometimes a guest - real moms discussing real issues in the mom world. This show isn’t just about not being able to shower because of your baby - it’s about the quiet rage you feel when it happens. And how nobody tells you parenting is a rollercoaster that takes you from joy to anger, exhilaration to exhaustion - all within 6 seconds every day. Just when you’re ready to throw those kids in the river - they smile at you and you want to have 10 more!  It's a podcast about the mom world - meant to make fun of parenting trends and ridiculous news items. Also, a show where moms can be open about their conflicted and imperfect feelings about motherhood.


Christina P. (The “P” is short for Pazsitzky) is a Comedian, Mother, Wife and Dog Lover. Stream her two comedy specials "Christina P: Mother Inferior" and “The Degenerates” on Netflix now!

She is also co-host of the podcast Your Mom's House with her husband, Comedian Tom Segura. Learn more about her at Christinaponline.com

Email Christina at: wheremymomsat@gmail.com

instagram: @thechristinap

twitter: @christinap

facebook: facebook.com/thechristinap

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