Where My Moms At? Is a podcast hosted by Comedian and exhausted mother of two boys, Christina P. It’s a comedy show with segments and sometimes a guest - real moms discussing real issues in the mom world. This show isn’t just about not being able to shower because of your baby - it’s about the quiet rage you feel when it happens. And how nobody tells you parenting is a rollercoaster that takes you from joy to anger, exhilaration to exhaustion - all within 6 seconds every day. Just when you’re ready to throw those kids in the river - they smile at you and you want to have 10 more!  All things Mom - parenting trends and ridiculous news items. A place where moms can be open about their conflicted and imperfect feelings about motherhood. Christina loves playing listener voicemails and videos on the show, so please submit your mom fails, mom questions or general mom anxieties to:

(213) 375-5184


Christina P. (The “P” is short for Pazsitzky) is a Comedian, Mother, Wife and Dog Lover. Stream her two comedy specials "Christina P: Mother Inferior" and “The Degenerates” on Netflix now!

She is also co-host of the podcast Your Mom's House with her husband, Comedian Tom Segura. Learn more about her at Christinaponline.com

Email Christina at: wheremymomsat@gmail.com

instagram: @thechristinap

twitter: @christinap

facebook: facebook.com/thechristinap

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